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Slot Machine and Toolbox Items

Within the depths of the carnival, on the first floor, lies the enigmatic Jack the Trader and his notorious slot machine. Bunnies exploring the eerily vibrant world of Carnival Hunt will have the opportunity to encounter Jack and try their luck at the slot machine.

By utilizing the candies they've acquired from fellow Bunnies, players can test their fate and potentially acquire three different items from the tool can, each offering unique enhancements to their gameplay.

The Bike item, for instance, grants an exhilarating boost in speed, allowing Bunnies to swiftly navigate the level and outmaneuver the relentless Carnival Monster. With increased agility, the Bunny can explore the world at a faster pace, gaining an edge in their quest for survival.

Slot machine

Bike's initial concept

3D model of the Bike

For those seeking an alternative escape route, the Balloon provides a whimsical solution. Bunnies equipped with this magical item can effortlessly soar through the air, evading danger from below and accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Meanwhile, the Trampoline propels Bunnies towards greater heights, enabling them to vault across rooms and overcome otherwise challenging obstacles.

Trampoline's 2d concept

Keep in mind that the slot machine's outcomes are unpredictable and, with every spin, there is a chance of either acquiring these fantastic items or risking the loss of something valuable. As Carnival Hunt continues to evolve, more enticing items will be added. Would you dare to take the leap and let destiny decide which path you'll tread?

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