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Progress Update: September 13, 2023

Hello Carnies!

It's been a while since our Kickstarter campaign concluded, and we understand that you've been eagerly anticipating updates from us. We want to assure you that we're still working diligently to fulfill our promises. In fact, we're thrilled to announce that we'll be providing you with bi-monthly progress updates, and this is our first update for early September. Our commitment to transparency means you'll always be informed about our progress.

We are currently prioritizing the following:

  1. Wrapping up the code for both Magician and his imposter bunny.

  2. Fine-tuning and balancing Magician’s levels.

  3. Crafting distinctive, modular assets for The Sisters’ level.

  4. Designing skill animations for The Sisters.

  5. Implementing the player profile database system.

  6. Finalizing the digital rewards

Furthermore, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve finalized the 3D models for the new tools unlocked through our Kickstarter campaign. These include the cannon, cannon spark, lost hat, and, as per the enthusiastic choice of our community, the firework rocket.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and ongoing support. Keep an eye out for our next update and keep sending your suggestions.

Warm regards,

The Beer Night Team

Bunnies possess a special ability to teleport between two hats using the Lost Hat tool. By placing one hat in a desired location, you can instantly teleport back to it in times of danger or suspense. However, be cautious! The Carnival Monsters have the power to deactivate the first hat you planted. Plan your teleports strategically to outsmart those pesky monsters and ensure a safe getaway!

Introducing the Radar, a versatile toolbox item that opens a whole new level of exploration in Carnival Hunt. With the Radar in your possession, you gain the ability to locate various entities within the game world. By switching channels, you can choose to track one of three types of things: Jack, the elusive merchant/mechanic who moves around the map, specific items hidden within broken Bunnies, or detect impostor Bunnies among the remains.

Imagine having the ability to propel your friends to the next floor level and enable fast travel in a forward direction. With the Cannon Spark Plug, you can do just that! This special item allows you to use cannons strategically placed throughout the map. However, there's a catch—you can't use the Cannon Spark Plug on yourself. Instead, you can transfer this incredible ability to your fellow players. Aim the Cannon at your friend, fire, and watch them soar!

The Firework Rocket allows you to stun nearby Carnival Monsters temporarily. Moreover, if you manage to hit a monster that has captured Bunnies, "BOOM!" They will be released from its grasp! Timing is crucial, as the Firework Rocket has a cooldown period. Stay vigilant and seize the perfect moment to unleash the rocket and turn the tide in your favor!

We're immensely grateful for your unwavering support, and we're eager to hear your thoughts on the game. Join the conversation on our discord server!

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