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Puppet Master

The game features a diverse cast of Carnival Monsters, each possessing their own distinctive abilities and objectives. One such intriguing character is the Puppet Master, an enigmatic presence that players are sure to encounter. Although not directly playable, the Puppet Master's eerie presence adds an additional layer of suspense and mystery to the game. Players can delve into the depths of the Puppet Master's story, unveiling the hidden secrets of the carnival and uncovering the true nature of this captivating and unsettling character.

The Puppet Master was fascinated by the art of puppetry. He spent countless hours crafting and manipulating puppets, developing a talent that was unmatched by anyone in his village. However, as he grew older, the Puppet Master's obsession with his craft began to consume him.

In becoming increasingly isolated, the Puppet Master spent all of his time perfecting his puppets, which ultimately, led to experimentation. Although the Puppet Master is the main villain in the game’s story, he is not a playable character in-game.

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