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Welcome to Carnival Hunt, an exhilarating and spine-chilling asymmetric multiplayer game where nightmares come alive. Step into the shoes of either the cunning Carnival Monster or the desperate Bunnies yearning for freedom. In this thrilling experience, players can choose to embody the formidable Carnival Monster, relentless in its pursuit of souls, or join forces as wind-up wooden dolls, known as Bunnies, who seek to escape the clutches of darkness.

Carnival Hunt takes the classic "Hide & Seek" concept and infuses it with an exciting twist. As Bunnies, players must work together in combining their wits and courage to overcome a series of daunting challenges orchestrated by the enigmatic Magician.

Time is of the essence as you race against the clock to charge your wooden bodies before the Carnival Monster discovers your hiding place. Survival hinges on your ability to evade the relentless pursuit of the monstrous fiend and find a path to freedom.

Will you embrace the role of the fearsome Carnival Monster, or will you join forces with your friends to outwit the Magician and secure your escape from this malevolent carnival realm? The choice is yours. But remember, in the twisted world of Carnival Hunt, survival comes at a price.

  • Asymmetric Gameplay: Players can choose to play as either the Carnival Monster or Bunnies, each with their own objectives and playstyles.

  • Challenging Objectives: Bunnies must work together to overcome a series of daunting challenges orchestrated by the Magician, all while the Carnival Monster hunts them down.

  • Multi-Level Circus Setting: The game takes place in a dark and abandoned circus, with each floor presenting different objectives and increasing difficulty.

  • Customization and Gear System: Players can customize their characters with different skins, models, animations, and visual effects. The gear system offers flexibility and allows players to build their characters according to their preferred playstyle.

  • Carnival Monsters: Encounter various carnival monsters, each with unique abilities, stories, levels, and objectives.

  • Slot Machine (Jack of All Trades): Use candies collected from other Bunnies to play the slot machine and win items that enhance gameplay.

  • The Puppet Master and Magician: Explore the stories and mysteries of the Puppet Master and the Magician whose roles play a crucial part in the game's narrative.

  • Suspenseful Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a dark, Victorianesque carnival realm filled with suspense, horror, and fantasy elements.

Carnival Hunt offers an enticing and dynamic experience from both sides of the game. As a Carnival Monster, your initial goal is to prevent Bunnies from reaching the final level of the circus by catching them and dropping them to lower levels.

You may also snatch away their keys, hindering their progress.

Be mindful that, while you are unable to directly eliminate the Bunnies, once they reach the final stage of the game, things take a sinister turn. At this final stage, the Carnival Monster will gain the ability to rid the Bunnies for good. The health of the Carnival Monster will begin to deplete and can only be recharged by consuming the souls of Bunnies.

With these raised stakes, the Carnival Monster must strategically balance its own survival with the need to hunt.

On the other hand, the Bunnies' main objective is to escape from the confines of the cursed circus. Trapped souls inhabit these doll-like Bunnies and their survival depends on evading relentless pursuit by the Carnival Monster.

The circus itself is comprised of multiple levels, each presenting unique objectives that must be completed by the Bunnies.

Once a player finishes their objective, they can assist others in advancing by opening shortcuts to the next level. In the face of danger, if a Bunny gets caught, there is still hope for salvation. A friend can be saved by either locating a new key to wind up the Bunny or by sacrificing your own key. This ultimate act of sacrifice does come at the cost of losing a portion of your own life energy.

The gameplay in Carnival Hunt is a tense battle of wits and action; both sides are constantly driven by the need to outsmart their opponents and achieve their respective objectives.

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