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Meet the Magician

The Magician himself performed remarkable illusions such as disappearing and teleporting, among others. His most popular act was the classic trick of bringing a rabbit out of an empty hat and making it disappear again. The game portrays the Magician as someone who is willing to do anything, including sacrificing Bunnies and others, to achieve his dream of impressing an audience.

It should be noted that the Magician is not necessarily an autonomous character, but rather one of the creations of the Puppet Master. As such, his actions and behaviors may be heavily influenced and manipulated by his Master, raising questions about who the real monster is.

The player who chooses to assume the role of the Magician has but one goal: hunt down the wind-up Bunnies before they can escape! To help with this, the Magician has some unique abilities.

Disappearing Act

The Magician can throw a small smoke explosive on the ground and vanish from sight, remaining invisible as long as he remains stationary. This ability allows him to observe the Bunnies' actions while creating an atmosphere of suspense and caution.

Magic Booth

The Magician can teleport to different rooms using magical booths scattered throughout the circus. With the locations randomized each session, he can surprise unsuspecting Bunnies, adding an element of unpredictability to gameplay.


Using his long arms, the Magician can swing and catch a Bunny. If he misses, he temporarily loses balance and some wind-up charge. If he successfully grabs a Bunny, he searches its pocket for a wind-up key and can also retrieve a key from the Bunny's back.

With his mastery of illusions and other abilities, the Magician is sure to leave an unforgettable and suspenseful impression on players.

While the Magician currently takes center stage as the main antagonist, the game will eventually unleash a host of new monsters, each with its own chilling stories, distinct levels, and unique objectives.

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